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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

sticking together

i always seem to enjoy contact sports. yeap contact sports. guess im competitive =/ the more i think about it the more i don't think it fit right in with my personality. im more of those type who rather slack then excerise, a tv couch instead of an aerobactics (is that how u spell it?) freak. those who do the one two three four and five in front of a tv and on an excerise mat they call it but i rather think of it as a spongy mattress. sure would be good to lie on it. the reason why i like contact sports prolly is the feeling of a team. STICK TOGETHER TEAM! GOGOGO! STORM THE FRONT! excerpt from CounterStrike. as a team, we stick together. as a team, we play together in fact we do everything together. chilling out at one place, checking out the babes together =/ my contact sport of choice is basketball guffaws* im tall standing at a proud 1.78m or 1.8m im not too sure about it. who cares?

hooked to basketball

the way i got hooked to basketball is rather funny. i was a small scrawny boy who prefer to sit at home and get away from the sun. the whole thing just happen all of a sudden! i was walking home from pri sch, yes those turtles with a variety of coloured shells. i was walking home, humming to the tune of teenage ninja mutant turtles. raph is so kewl back then. to get back home, i hav to walk pass this particular bball court everytime (too bad its under renovation now) puppy love as it seems blooms! im always walking home with this particular cute girl who stay near to me and she often gush to me how those "cute" guys look when shooting tat orange ball. so this one time when we are walking home together again and my bro was there playing. my bro spotted me and called me =/ bad bad move bro. of course after that retard of my bro called me and she knew that i hav a brother who play basketball which in return means i do play also. -_____-" she turned to me and with those big watery eyes i couldn't resist and ask " you play basketball? could you show me a move or two? please please! " knowing me i say YES! I DO KNOW HOW TO PLAY! I'LL SHOW YOU AFTER SCH TML ALRIGHT? dumbass me, why the heck did i agree to it when i couldn't. even so i should had ask for a longer time frame. i went back home and begged my bro to teach me a thing or two. i ended up being a slave to him for two weeks.

after getting those "pointers" from my bro, the next day after sch i took a ball and attempted to shoot. it fall short of its intended target by a big gap =/ after seeing that i was like O.O" i turned to her and again with those watery big eyes "YOU DONNO HOW TO PLAY BASKETBALL AT ALL! YOU A CHEAT! LIAR!" and she stomps off leaving me crest-fallen. damn sad. so for her sake i started to everyday after sch go and play basketball in an attempt to brush up my skills so right now i got average skills yay! average! after 3 years of actual training and 4 years of kidding around. pple young tat time where got str to jump and dribble? use your head! even after knowing how play basketball, i lost contact with her =((( so sad alright. all i can remem is that scream where she found out i lied to her oh how my heart ache (yea right) of course i nvr ever manage to go back home with her sad.

author note: you should know by now, i didn't manage to get her so as others in my life further down. my luck with girls stinks. i hate it.


i like all the huddling action done by NBA teams when they are introduced by the commentator. it just show the togetherness of a team. the banging of shoulder to shoulder, high fives. i just like it. of course there are sure to be quarrels among teammates but normally all of that are solved quickly. i was watching " remember the titans" and " the longest yard" that day. yes its american football day. my skin just got the goosebumps when one of the guy in it give a rousing speech to spur them on. in "the longest yard" adam sadler was throwing the game away because he wan to save his own ass. that warden officer wanted to charge him with caretaker death. kinda sad when caretaker can be said as his best friend in jail. so he throw the game away. in the third quarter which is coming to an end, he decided to come into the game. naturally his teammates all leave him to die. adam sadler was exposed to the rivals. tackled badly. in the end he manage to win them over and together with the team he lead them to victory. because he couldn't stand watching his teammates lose the match because of him after all they being through. the trainings, yep the training is one part of my short bball sec sch team life. its most memorable of my sec sch. we were all kidding around, serious when needed. cheer for each other, got each other back covered. damn how i wish to be part of all that again. if that bloody cher didn't cut off bball cca. i would be a much happier guy now.

i hate you. damn teachers. you took away the most precious thing in my life back then. cancel my bball cca when its supposed to be volleyball. for fuck sake, bball cca only lasted a year and you didn't giv any reason why its cut. prolly the only reason i heard from the principal was that attendance is low well screw you. the best and capable players report every single fucking days. i rushed from upper alijuned road all the way to the sch. you know how fucking far that is? what about my education? i know im not those smarts pple who only listen to teacher dearest. fuck you all. i hate this secondary sch. well not the whole secondary sch. i hate the teachers in it. prolly a dozen of all the teachers in the staffroom. I DO USE VULGARITES WHEN IM FEELING PISSED OFF.

Monday, October 17, 2005

ranting weekend

damn today is a bad day. should not had drag myself out of the bed and go to the sch at 6.30 -____- i much rather sleep in and study by myself in the noon and midnight. yes i dun study during night because thats my relaxation time hurhur

last weekend which is just one day ago, JH and Xing came to my hse and we just pratically play defense of the ancients which is dota. damn pissed during sun especially, i join 5 consecutive games which *beep* [expletives] hell have a crazy amount of quitters! damnit, i didn't even choose a hero yet and they just quit. if you wan to quit why join in the first place? my luck somehow rubbed off xing loL he also faced the same situation as me but *beep* JH just have all the luck just as he have with women grrr... all his games he joined, he got gd teammates and noobs opponents. BAH! after which we have "abalone" wan ton mee for lunch all because of xing loL then on sat, we went drinking woot! highlight of the day its alright for the volka but i dun quite like the taste argh, medicine flavour. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY INJECT MEDICINE FLAVOUR INTO VOLKA FOR? xing was bullshitting throughout the night, saying he drink a 40% volka b4 but he was exposed soon hahahaha just a small dose of 8.5%, his whole face turn red and start having a headache. and without a shadow of doubt, he get knocked out real quick. we just have fun all the way and neglect bout studies -_______- talking bout sunday, i guess i have to go to church soon but then again after "o" i'll be going to new creation with josh and JH mebe Xing too. i still remember the last time we went there, xing went to sleep on the floor of some bookstore. i forget which, trust me i have a bad memory. xing is just the joker hahaha.

oohhhhh story cut short. now is my ranting hahaha. somehow i feel the govt. is feeding us propaganda shows on family and NKF. how many times in a year must they show dramas which often relate to NKF and it just so happen that the next donation thingy is just round the corner. but i still like this particular show. perhaps its because of the actors and actresses inside? LOL i must admit the li wei-an in tis show draws me to it and also rui en to a certain degree ><>

i would use the wok he holding and whack his head until he become a turtle! chao turtle!

and the following dramas which i been ranting bout is tong xin yuan and the a new hope i think showing at 7pm and 9pm daily on weekdays

Friday, October 14, 2005


the first time i saw you i think you're cute, when i heard that you thought the same of me, i thought that was cuter. But guts have i not to ask for your number and look you up.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


they come together because of a misunderstanding ;
split up when they come to know each other.