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Monday, October 17, 2005

ranting weekend

damn today is a bad day. should not had drag myself out of the bed and go to the sch at 6.30 -____- i much rather sleep in and study by myself in the noon and midnight. yes i dun study during night because thats my relaxation time hurhur

last weekend which is just one day ago, JH and Xing came to my hse and we just pratically play defense of the ancients which is dota. damn pissed during sun especially, i join 5 consecutive games which *beep* [expletives] hell have a crazy amount of quitters! damnit, i didn't even choose a hero yet and they just quit. if you wan to quit why join in the first place? my luck somehow rubbed off xing loL he also faced the same situation as me but *beep* JH just have all the luck just as he have with women grrr... all his games he joined, he got gd teammates and noobs opponents. BAH! after which we have "abalone" wan ton mee for lunch all because of xing loL then on sat, we went drinking woot! highlight of the day its alright for the volka but i dun quite like the taste argh, medicine flavour. WHAT IN THE HELL ARE THEY THINKING WHEN THEY INJECT MEDICINE FLAVOUR INTO VOLKA FOR? xing was bullshitting throughout the night, saying he drink a 40% volka b4 but he was exposed soon hahahaha just a small dose of 8.5%, his whole face turn red and start having a headache. and without a shadow of doubt, he get knocked out real quick. we just have fun all the way and neglect bout studies -_______- talking bout sunday, i guess i have to go to church soon but then again after "o" i'll be going to new creation with josh and JH mebe Xing too. i still remember the last time we went there, xing went to sleep on the floor of some bookstore. i forget which, trust me i have a bad memory. xing is just the joker hahaha.

oohhhhh story cut short. now is my ranting hahaha. somehow i feel the govt. is feeding us propaganda shows on family and NKF. how many times in a year must they show dramas which often relate to NKF and it just so happen that the next donation thingy is just round the corner. but i still like this particular show. perhaps its because of the actors and actresses inside? LOL i must admit the li wei-an in tis show draws me to it and also rui en to a certain degree ><>

i would use the wok he holding and whack his head until he become a turtle! chao turtle!

and the following dramas which i been ranting bout is tong xin yuan and the a new hope i think showing at 7pm and 9pm daily on weekdays


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