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Thursday, December 15, 2005

bored to boredom

im offically submitting my application to migrate to boredom. im doing nth on my com except to blog? what the beep. (insert all kinds of vulgarities) alright at least i manage to get ky's xbox on loan but that would be after he play finish with it for the next few days. why im here typing this piece of junk is because im dling things via bitcomet and direct download. making my com a tiny weeny laggy. oh i just hate the lag, stupid jerking on my com. bah. this morning i was up at 4, watching man yoo match. it went well with man yoo cruising to a 4-0 win over suprise package wigan. after watching, i slack for awhile before leaving on my journey to kembangang. (who care how to spell that word) i know i don't =))

was at the cc playing bball with hans,eric,adriel and one more guy. as usual, kinda fun with hans along lol. anyway from what i know, he working in pizza hut now. get free lunch and dinner and free flow of drinks too. think about it, FREE PIZZAS AND FREE FLOW OF PEPSI. how good can that be! at first thought. after thinking much deeper, it kinda sucks. eat pizzas for the whole period of time when your working? that sucks. i still donno when im goin to work. hack, take things step by step.

im thinking about the chalet now. should i go or not? its kinda boring i find it. the more i think the more i think i should not go. i don't have any things in common with my classmates. stuck with them for 2 years with nth in common to chat about. THAT FREAKING STINKS. i still need to fork out 16bucks, im poor! most prob i should be goin, to take xbox from ky. since he gona be at the chalet. i sure hope something good will happen at chalet which will change my life for the time being.


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