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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

sing a song


im back into blogging because of utter boredom. i was tv surfing just a while ago until this mtv caught my eye. who else other then my dream girl caught my eye ^^ which is none other then karena lam.

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there she is on the phone with me =D alright, she not. anyway i saw her acting in this mtv with ritchie ren who is of course the singer of this mtv. in this particular mtv, ritchie ren bump across karena lam by the roadside. blah blah blah. im lazy to type out the whole storyline, anyway the skinny goes like this. ritchie sort of have a love at first sight with her and everyday after work, he goes to the cinema near her house and catch a movie first before tying to fake an accidental bump and you know. hook up with her, get to know her and hopefully get to have her as a girlfriend. in between the mtv, there were scenes where karena and ritchie get together but alas all of it come from ritchie mind. its not happening at all. those were just his wishful thinking. anyway he carried on like this for one whole year which ended because the girl moved away. with this the mtv end but with a sentence smack right in the middle.

"if only i dare to make the move like what the movies portray, the ending might not be the same."

anyway karena is just soooo pretty. the above which i hav just wrote, i guess it just utter bullshit because during the whole mtv i was ogling at karena. i especially like one scene but im not goin to tell you which =)))

on to other stuff.

108 as most pple around my area called the basketball because its damn near blk 108. lol. it is offically opened! well not yet. but pple could get in and shoot hoops. because of this, im realli tiring myself out with shooting hoops and missing my 6pm starworld show. the simpsons and malcom in the middle. shucks. it doesn't realli matter anyway. i still sucks at bballing. like always. but hey i believe with the right mind and attitude, i can be the best. by brainwashing myself LOL i always brainwash myself into doin some dumbs thing which i don't do normally. the feel of having a ball in my hands again feel great. just plain great. there nothing better then shooting hoops with a bunch of like-minded friends. having fun =D

these few days, im pratically slacking. playing computer games like dota,fm, neopets etc. its like so boring. everyone around me is asking me for jobs. hello? if i have a job would i be still on my msn chatting with you? im kinda lazy to work but hey even xing got a job at carrefour and i pay well too. one day of work = 72 dollars. its like so gd lor the pay. weekend and friday must work. that mean each week is a confirm 216 bucks OMG SO MUCH. i just calculated it. but the pay so good, there must be a catch. weekend = sun and sat u do nth but work work (in peon voice) "work work" anyway i can be sure that i will wriggle a sum of xing money after he got his pay into treating me lol. better don't let him see this. MUAHAHAHAHAHA

FYI: im still slacking but in the next few days i should be goin for a interview and work. MONEY HERE I COME!


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